Everyone Serious About Fitness Needs One

If you are anything like me you always want to do your best and perform better each and every time. You sometimes you want more and remain unsatisfied with your overall performance.

To me my overall strength, speed and general fitness is very important and I like to maintain this by working out in a variety of ways. The agility ladder is the only way I have discovered to have a limitless number of drills and ways to do this, making it all much more fun and much more interesting.

These days I feel so much more agile and so much fitter and I know the agility ladder is for everyone serious about fitness.

Fitness Fanatic




Recommended for Every Sport

When this agility ladder arrived I opened the package and removed the agility ladder bag from the clear plastic wrapping. I was very pleased to see that the bag was of good quality and that it would be easy to carry around as well as pack up and take off when finished.

As I workout a lot in parks this is a great feature for me and I love it. As well on windy days I am able to secure the ladder by using the rings and pegs included. I also thought I knew a few drills however the eBook was awesome with so many new ideas.

No matter what sport you are into, this is a definite recommendation to try.

Chester Balwyn




Great Agility and Speed Ladder

I heard all about these agility ladders before but never actually used one. I saw it on Amazon and it seemed great so I decided to buy.

This is a great product and although I was a beginner the information provided was a real bonus and so useful. It is so much fun to use and I use it almost every day. Since a few days ago my kids noticed it and are now using it and enjoying it as well.

The price was great especially since I received everything I needed to begin.

Jeanine Aalders




Less Than Best – No Thanks!

I really love to go all the way when on the football field. No matter which game I always want to be my best and generally I am happy with how I go. This ladder has helped me rise to a new level where I now seem to be more agile with my footwork and the way I change direction has changed. I feel so much more powerful and unstoppable and I seem to be standing out more every week. I am happy and so is my coach.

Geoffrey McLaughlin




Should Be Part of All Training

This day and age when there are so many electronic pieces of fitness equipment who would think that something as simple as a speed ladder could be the best way to move forward with your training.

It does not take long to set up and pack up and you can use it on your own or with a team. It is really great for increasing speed and strength and there is so much you can do with it. I have also purchased a second ladder now which has increased my exercise drill types even further. I use it side by side as well as to extend the length depending on what I want to do.

A great product and great customer service from this company. This should be part of every training and for me is my best fitness accessory.

Loved all the different drills provided!

Lisa Chan



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